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Unlike other stories I don't just have one special person that I write to. There're many. Few are friends, few are family, few are guide, few are inspirations and there's one whose above all of them which I write not as often as I write others but feel she's gold.

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I faintly remember, it was the last week of September. There was this long weekend and I was all set to read a book I had shelved for almost a month.
As I started to read a friend of mine ringed my phone and said “ I’m bringing my girlfriend to room and it’d be…“
I interrupted him as I understood he wanted me to find someother place to stay over that night.
I guess I was not dumb enough not to notice that lil hint of condescension blended in tone, that’s faked to sound like a request.
I agreed but struggled really hard not to reflect that reluctance in the ‚Okay‘ I said to him at that moment.

It was late noon. I felt sorry for myself to see me walking on those empty roads with no clue of where to spend that entire night.
Of course I had friends who’d let me stay over but I wasn’t sure if they were in town or had any plans.

I hopped on to the bus that squeezingly stopped right infront of me.
While I was dwelling in a dystopian cruel world for singles, to add cherry to the top, a couple comes to me and askes if I could shift to the last seat so they could sit together!!
what the eff!! Do singles deserve no social respect?!
Inspite staying sticked together for whole day or even year (if I use ‚Year‘ it’d be an overstatement, relationships these days rarely last for year long)  could they not sit seperately for a while?!

From friend asking me to move out for a day, to being asked to move to the last seat of the bus, every mishaps were because of being single and I was dying from inside to make a connection.

Trust me it’s not an exaggeration, to make this conundrum worse, I had pulled on my milky white v-neck with bold black rubber print reading  ‚Single & Proud 😎 ‚ right on the chest that afternoon and was downloading every possible dating apps available on Play Store sitting in the last seat!!!
And that’s when I stumbled upon this app, Slowly, and was under the impression of this one being a dating app too.


It’s been almost nine months since started being on Slowly, and wow, should I say how significantly it’s been a part of my life now!!
To that extent, I even get dreams that involves the penpals I’ve met here but have never seen in real.

I must admit I started to use this app as a replacement to dating apps but soon realised how beautiful and meaningful the concept of Penpalling is.

Unlike other stories I don’t just have one special person that I write to. There’re many. Few are friends, few are family, few are guide, few are inspirations and there’s one whose above all of them which I write not as often as I write others but feel she’s gold.

she’s not the serpent mercury
that I’d be emptied if turned upside down
she’s the gold in the cracks of my shards
embracing the flaws,
that evince the vicissitudes of my past
no, she can’t be serpent mercury
cause it’s not love that’s between us
it’s a beautiful Kintsugi

I can’t thank you enough team Slowly for giving world such a beautiful platform.
Loads of love.


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