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“Hello, I am hard of hearing, and I have hearing aid with me, but I do not know sign language, just learnt a little bit, I saw one of your interest topics is Deaf as well, are you deaf or hard of hearing as well?
I live in Macau, but always go to Hong Kong as well.
Look forward to your reply!

This is our first letter sent on November 1st, 2018. Our story is started by a common topic preference of „deaf“.

Macau girl(Forever21):
I am a half deaf (HOH) girl living in Macau, and he is a good hearing guy living in Hong Kong. From the distance between Hong Kong and Macau, it only takes about 30 minutes for letters to deliver. He replied my letter within the same day! We, new penpal couples started to send letters to each other almost every day. We shared a lot of common views of deaf minorities in the societies as the Hong Kong gentleman has a mother who also uses a hearing aid.  Later, he introduced a movie “84, Charing Cross Road” to me, the story was taken place in 1940s and it was about an American writer and a British bookstore keeper who had been penpal for twenty years and still haven’t meet, and at last they didn’t still haven’t got the chance to meet because the British man died. That’s when the story startled me that if we don’t meet up soon, their penpalship may disappear any time if one of us would be too busy or something happened and they dropped out of Slowly app. So then I suggested to meet, and the Hong Kong guy has suggested to come over to Macau for the Light Festival 2018.

HK guy(Ah A) :
Yeah!! This is a good idea I thought, I decided to met her in Macau. On the way to meet her, I was afraid that this lady would feel bored when with me, and would use excuses to ditch me, but she didn’t ,we hung out for an entire day. We both enjoyed the time together. But I had to head back to my home town, we said goodbye at the pier, I was so unwilling to leave her. Soon, we met for the second time, and we went out in Hong Kong, this time I took her to see the great view up the hill top, and took her to see her favorite Disney Tsum Tsum store. At that time, I already had one thing in my mind! „I am in love! I really want to be with her!“ After dinner, we strolled along the sea side, that’s when I brought up my courage and held her hand, and she didn’t shake off my hand. I am in love! I am really in love!

Now, we have been together for over a year. Through this year our love keeps growing, even though we do have different culture, speaking of HK & Macau, even we are that close, we do have different culture, we do talk a lot like actual deep communications, sometimes via Slowly letters, with communicating our different stands and views, we still can understand and love each other! We hope our love can last as long as we could.

At last, thanks to the developers of the Slowly app, which brought our destiny to us.

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