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Now, I know that I can be loved and cared for because of who I really am and my unique self who was once rejected.

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When I was young, I was diagnosed with Autism. This made my mother (and eventually me when i got older) extremely sad, knowing that it’ll be difficult for me all my life to communicate and make friends.

I grew up this way, and people around me having absolutely different interests didn’t help the least, so I had no one to share my interests with and talk to. This continued throughout almost all my school years, in high school particularly I was bullied for being an outcast who had ‘weird’ interests… I cared more for books and reading/writing than socializing, because I found it difficult due to my condition. Everyone failed to share me that and instead made me feel bad.

I graduated and pursued studying medicine, and I’ve never felt more alone with a new crowd, as I still had no real friends I can have long conversations with.. until I discovered this app, slowly, and started looking for friends.

It took a while to go through different people on the app but I eventually met almost 50 people with absolutely amazing personalities and similar interests to mine and my self-esteem has never been better.

Now, I know that I can be loved and cared for because of who i really am and my unique self who was once rejected. I figured thanks to this app that there was nothing wrong with me.. and my personality is in fact pretty awesome. I met so many people from all over the world and in different age groups, and I was able to be there for people who were like me, once upon a time.. insecure and lonely.

Thank you, Slowly.
Because of you I turned my life around.

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