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I have been using this app for like 3 years now and it has been an amazing experience for me till date. I have made many friends and lost touch with many and it feels like alright now.

At first when one friend of mine went AWOL, I texted him 2/3 more times again to see if he is doing okay or not but later I started getting busy and understood their perspective as well cause sometimes even I went away for months due to hectic schedules but the good part about this app is that there is never an empty letterbox. No matter after how long, I log back in there are always people wanting to be my friend and sharing about their days and worries and I love to hear them out honestly. It feels like a space where everyone feels comfortable. They can share long texts and share about their worries and days and anything without hesitating cause at the other side remains the person sharing the same mindset as you, who are always ready to listen to you.

I have made lots of friends but I would like to talk about this specific one I made recently. He is from China and honestly it feels good to talk to him. He is funny to the point it feels like, is he really this innocent? After talking a while on this app we added each other on another texting app for efficiency cause it takes 9 hours to deliver the text, but when I get his text, there is the randomest out of topic issue that he shares with me and then when I am about to wonder what I should do with the information that he just shared, He goes, „how was your day?” and I would be there staring at his text and laughing hysterically. I haven’t laughed like that for years now cause I never had a friend who is so fun to be with and totally out of box. I made so many friends here but he is the most funniest one and the amazing one. I love talking with him even though we have been friends for just a short time.

As an Introvert, the most hardest thing to do is to make friends and this app definitely made it easier for me to communicate.

I would love to make more friends and talk to them and know more about them.

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