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Sajnos ennek a bejegyzésnek csak Amerikai Angol nyelvű változata van. A megtekintő kényelméért az alábbi tartalom alternatív nyelven jelenik meg. Rákattinthat a linkre az aktív nyelv módosításához.

There’s something worth remarking on after some months using this app: The wide variety of reasons people got to be in here.

Some come trying to re-create the former snail mail experience or actually aim to eventually exchange real world letters. Some come to avoid the draining feeling of using instant messaging all day long and have actual meaningful conversations even if the dynamic is different to what we’re used to. Some want to learn new languages and put them into practice with natives, and others prefer to learn about new cultures through the opinions and anecdotes from locals. Some weird bugs like me are constantly investigating the musical scene of random countries around the globe. Hell, there’s even some lonely fellas that only came looking for new friendships and actually ended up finding a partner in here! Yeah, here is probably one of the least expected places, considering that 90% of our current social media is used to flirt nowadays.

And the examples just could go on and on, but I think that you guys get the idea already. People come here for a different array of reasons, but they all co-exist in this particular cyber-space with its own norms. It’s hard to believe that a relatively peaceful virtual ecosystem like this one exists in the current day, contrary to the general chaos that’s present in bigger social platforms, but well… It does! It does and it’s quite a success, in my opinion.

Thanks to the developers and to every Slowly user for creating such a space. I hope that it remains for a long time.

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