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место, которое подходит интроверту и застенчивому человеку вроде меня

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Hello there, beautiful people who are reading my story.

I’m a little 14 years old girl from Vietnam. I know SLOWLY through a short introductory video on TikTok, and at that moment I was sure this one was something I always looked for – a place that suits an introvert and shy like me to release all sorrow, and make friends. “Should I try it?” – I asked myself – and I did!

In the first days after I created my account, no one sent me any letter, and no one replied to mine. I might give up right away if I didn’t read other users’ stories, so I still persisted, began writing a perfect bio, added more interesting subjects,… And then, after all, the letters have successively arrived from different countries! From Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, and finally from both South and North America. I get to know more friends who live in all four oceans and five continents! And it’s so fantastic! You should know how overjoyed I was, that feeling is so hard to describe, waiting for letters from someone you don’t even know in real life for hours. So much pleasure I spent on those ones.

SLOWLY is really a great application among instant ones like Messenger or Instagram, teaching us about patience, and just simply by a letter then you can get to know more interesting things. By the way, my English skills have improved a lot! How fabulous! Thanks to SLOWLY, I have the love and motivation for learning English once again. 🙂 Due to using English every day in writing letters for my pen friends, my skills are improved substantially. Besides that, reading and translating SLOWLY stories are also good ways. A great secret: my English scores are far higher than in the past.

Also, thanks to all my friends here, the exchange of letters with you help me greatly in improving the language, and my knowledge about the world has expanded. I don’t know how my boring life goes on without you. Some friends haven’t replied to me in recent days, but I know they’re busy with their studies and work, because I’m too. So I understand and still believe they will come back someday. ^^ I always cherish all their letters because it contains a lot of pleasure – the confides, encouragements, prayers, and support, very very much; and my expectation for hours.

Finally, once more, offer my sincerest thanks to SLOWLY and all my pen friends! I’ll always treasure all the wonderful things you bring for me ever and ever. <3

Furthermore, thanks for spending time reading my story!

Trân trọng,
From Kiwiti.

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