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Beause I always was a person who had a hard time to get to know people in general, I was looking for a different way. Remembering the good old times when I had a penpal from Australia, the exiting weeks when I waited for letters, sending small gifts on occasions. The wonderful differences we discovered, that enriched our world view and of course the language that we improved over the years. I still have her gifts and her letters until this day.
With these memories in mind I discovered SLOWY and I wanted to give it a chance. Now several months later I am so glad I found it.

As an introvert and in social situations insecure person, that does not really understand many unwritten social rules, I still really missed people with whom I can have meaningful and deep conversations. I was lonely and tired of the superficial conversations people seem to enjoy. I don‘t like Small talk or gossip about other people at all.

In beginning there arrived so many letters and after short time it overwhelmed me because I could not answer them all, so I paused it for the summer.
When I felt ready to continue, most of the contacts were gone.
So I started new. This time with a better plan.

There are now contacts I write once a week, some that vanish again and most important are the 2 or 3 persons I really feel connected to. The letters of the last mentioned people are the ones I really look forward to, every single time and my heart makes a big jump when the App notifies me “there is a letter on the way“. Often I have to wait 7 hours, 9 hours or a whole day but it just increases my joy to receive their letters.

I love the conversations. We always have an interesting topic to discuss. It is always a little surprise: Like presents in form of sharing with each other special little moments of our lifes, photos, encouragements or thoughts.
Really I hope that they become real friendships in a way.

Thank you dear SLOWLY Team of making it possible to have this kind of nostalgic feeling again and also that you connect people who are looking for a deeper kind of connection and conversation.

*Finally here is a big Hug and a big Thank You for you my penfriends. I appreciate you much!*

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