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I always say the motion has robbed us of emotion, truly! 😄 In today’s fiercely paced world we forget to sit and relax. We forget to go slowly. In this world, everything has a fixed time. If we take look at nature we would see everything has its own time, nature is not in a hurry then why would we? Slowly has brought back that old world charm that laid back feeling and of course the art of letter writing. A quick chat or a messenger text often fails to convey the exact emotion of the sender. But a letter bears exact testimony of sender’s true thoughts, sincere empathy, ardent love and deepest gratitude. Hence, sending and receiving a letter gives us that joy that no other modern way of communication can achieve. Sending a letter is almost like we are personally showing up at the doorstep of the recipient. Slowly is doing exactly the same thing. I do not know a single person whose face will not light up at the sight of a yellow arrow showing up on the mobile screen. 😄😄

I came across this app while I was searching for an app which will give me the freedom to forget about the word limit while I write and slowly does exactly the same. Letter writing is one of my hobbies and the moment I find this app I knew for sure that this what I was looking for! I met many people here and they are my friends, now. Slowly has given me a virtual passport to visit the world and know different cultures by writing people from all across the globe. Most importantly, it offers us to discuss anything without disclosing our real identity. This app comes to my life at a point in time when I was going through emotional turmoil. There was nobody in my life whom I can share my deepest feeling and not being judged. I was so lonely and slowly sinking to black hole of my mind. Slowly has helped me come out of that invisible prison. Slowly has given me Luckish, my dear friend if you are reading this, I owe one to you. Knight, Jo, El, love you all. Slowly has proved that it is easy to open your heart’s closet to a total stranger since there is no fear of being judged. Thank You Slowly!

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