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I entered Slowly last 2019 and met a lot of people. Some ended up being my penpals, some… are just too busy with life and I respect them.

Slowly is fun. You get to write letters, wait for minutes to hours, think of what you’re going to reply and repeat. However, one of the greatest and coolest things Slowly has to offer is the unique friendship penpals create from exchanging their thoughts, what happened in their entire day, funny dad-jokes and even random things… just completely random things. As day goes by, and as you learn from your penpals, you start to get more and more curious.

And you started telling more and more of yourself for them to do the same, asking more and more questions and answering more and more of their counter-questions.

Slowly teaches patience and friendship that doesn’t fully revolve on constant communication alone. As you learn more from your penpal, you also develop a sense of trust… that even though it has already been a day or two, your penpal will surely reply. She/he’s only busy with her/his own things, she/he will let me know of it, soon! And although it takes letters to travel for a day or two, you are still excited for the news you’re about to read, or for just cute things your penpal is very fond of. We all have a penpal who’s so amazed with a world… and even a leaf falling carelessly is breathtaking for them.

HOWEVER, Slowly also teaches to stay strong when there’s a heartbreak. Losing a favorite penpal is the heartbreak in this app and believe me, I also felt and had that multiple heartbreaks already for my year and a half of stay in this app. When you finally fully entrusted yourself to a penpal and she/he suddenly stopped sending you your favorite chocolate-mint or lavender scented letters, it hurts. That pain can almost break a person, but Slowly is unstoppable. A lost penpal won’t stop Slowly from being a great app, for you will eventually meet another one. A completely different one, and is a lot more fascinating.

Finding warm and nice penpals might be a bit challenging for every one writes in their own unique way, but you will certainly receive or auto-match a letter from or to a person who will pull your heartstrings and make your heart stings. That penpal will be the one you will cherish the most, the one you will be more comfortable talking to and the one you will feel ecstatic just from seeing their letter arriving. I have found mine. I have found a lot. Some of them left, but those whose souls are naked and heartstrings tied to mine stayed with me.

When you have finally found yours, don’t be scared to show them your wounds or let them dive deeper into you. They will be your greatest allies, despite that they’re from the other side of the globe.

Slowly can bring happiness, heartbreak and learning, but most importantly, it can send you from places to places, let you meet people and people, and teach you to grow from time to time.


I mean, I love phone calls, warm hugs, and cute texts but I just love letters more.

To a thousand letters and beyond!

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