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Originally written in Chinese. Translated by Rainbow Eucalyptus.

I never thought I could meet someone so genuine on a friendship app like this one. Without feeling burdened or pressed for time, but still able to have a true friendship.

How difficult is it to find a trustworthy friend?

An individual meets on average 30 million people, and the odds of finding the right person is extremely small. But I found mine, through Slowly.

The start of this relationship originated from a simple letter, a few respectful greetings.

Letter after letter, we gradually came to know each other better, and shared many stories. We encouraged each other when we were sad, and shared our happiness with each other in times of joy. Life may be full of sorrow, but don’t stop looking for happiness.

I am not a social person in real life, and I’m used to being alone. I’ve often seen close friends carefully trying to sustain the relationship, but part ways in the end due to misunderstandings.

I always found social connections to be fragile and short-lived.

I don’t understand, can’t we trust another a little more? Can’t we be a little more forgiving?

Guessing at another’s intentions, winning arguments, and stomping on another’s self-esteem only results in painful experiences in the end; is that worth it?

I lost all faith in humanity, feeling that perhaps the world is just this vicious.

At first I wasn’t too hopeful about Slowly. After sending out several letters and not hearing back, I was devastated.

Slowly, I stopped reaching out to others. I left this app for a while. But then, a new unread message came in my inbox. I opened the letter, then replied with a few words.

Many times after sending a response, I was afraid that the other person would disappear. But every time I opened the app and saw the incoming letters sent by her, I was filled with happiness and surprise. Rather than being burdensome, waiting became a joyful experience.

From our first letter to now, we have corresponded for more than half a year. I was anxious and nervous in the beginning, but now I am willing to trust this friendship with all of my heart.

She was the one who allowed me to regain confidence and happiness.

She was also the one who helped me realize how lucky I am.

In closing, I want to thank Slowly for creating this platform.

From now on, I will continue to work hard, for myself, and for others.

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