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Sending letters is a way to reach anywhere, without moving anything but your heart!

Slowly! I found this app on New Year’s Eve of 2019. My life wasn’t very hunky-dory back then. To be honest, it felt lonely. In sheer desperation, I decided to install every social media app that I could find, and that’s when I came across this gem! Installed it, sent 3 letters and slept. As the replies came in, I realized this is something that could help me deal with my issues. I had other people’s experiences, their views on life’s problems.

Slowly, I got the answers for every problem that I had and thought would never be resolved. So, I made it a point to send letters to people living far from me; Brazil, Malaysia, Slovenia, Cambodia, you name it. I gained so much knowledge about places I never thought of going to, saw the world through various perspectives, and it expanded my mind. Slowly, I started progressing in my career, health and relationships. Of all the apps I had installed, this one gave the answer I needed. Things that I never asked for but came to me as a blessing.

Slowly, some of those guides and counsellors turned into friends. Now our letters started sounding like old friends sharing each other’s whereabouts, discussing cinema, sports, even politics. All this in the age of small talks and quick judgments, and not of writing letters. It is often forgotten how meaningful it is to pour your heart out for someone and then to eagerly wait for a reply. It is something that you simply cannot fake. Little did I know, I was about to meet that one person who’d be the purest of all.

Slowly, as I progressed in life, the frequency of replies dropped. I had exchanged numbers with whom I felt connected. But one afternoon, on 25th of March, a letter pinged, “Hey MrSam”, she wrote to address me. Although busy, I felt the urge to reply, so I did. She was from my own country, we had common interests so we bonded in no time. Slowly, with her, the pace of replies increased and the more we talked, the similar we seemed to be. It got to a point where the commonalities felt like pure magic. “How can there be a person like this?” we wondered.

Slowly, with every letter, we grew closer and closer. Even though we had exchanged our contact numbers, her passion for writing and the realism of writing letters kept us active on this app. We talked about MBTI, the Stars, and the Universe and everything that exists in it. Fortunately, I got a chance to visit her place for my work. We met and clicked instantly. Finally, on 2020 New Year’s Eve, exactly one year from the day I installed this app, I confessed my feelings to her. We somehow already knew they were mutual. As I am writing this story, her letter pinged again. “Hi Love”, she wrote to address me. Things have come full circle!

Slowly has given me everything that I wanted and more. A lot more. And I’ll always be grateful for it.

Thank you team Slowly!

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