Estória Slowly


🇮🇳 India

She actually listened to what I had to say and think in times when real world colleagues and friends didn’t find the the time or care too...

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🇵🇭 Philippines

And right now, she's out there, living her life. It was honestly one of the greatest things I've ever experienced in my life...

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🇱🇰 Sri Lanka

No she’s not my significant other, she’s not my best friend either. But she’s extremely special...

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🇷🇸 Serbia

I came out to her as transgender and she is the only person who really sees me for who I am as a person, she doesn't see my body, she sees me...

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🇸🇪 Sweden

Whatever we talk about, whatever we do or see we find each other in it. I’ve connected with this woman on so many levels...

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🇲🇾 Malaysia

In the real world, I was a guy who didn't have a lot of friends. I was more of an introvert...

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🇹🇼 Taiwan

Our every letter was long as a short essay and very interesting...

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🇮🇩 Indonesia

It may be hard to find someone who wants to share and talk about stuff, but once you find them you know that they could be your lifetime friend...

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🇵🇷 Porto Rico

We are currently 56 Slowly letters in and counting, and I have the feeling we won’t stop any time soon...

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Sara Incontrada

🇩🇪 Alemanha

Thanks to Slowly I found a person who enriched my life in so many different ways and I cannot imagine ever being without him anymore...

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🇧🇷 Brasil

Atualmente, ele me envia lindos poemas, eu mando desenhos pra ele e nós construímos nossa amizade em lindos parágrafos e lápis coloridos.

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🇺🇸 Estados Unidos

Por conta dessa amizade maravilhosa, eu absolutamente recomendo esse aplicativo para todos os meus amigos que vejo no dia a dia.

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