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Like many other users, I came to Slowly hoping to reach out to people who are willing to converse. Here, people are willing to take time out of their day to talk to you–to talk to me. I’m only new here, but I know that this app is exactly what I need to unwind in the fast-paced world. Right off the bat, during my first auto-match, I already met this lovely girl who’s very insightful and optimistic in life. It was intriguing, she was so lively and wonderful, I was so glad to have matched with her because we truly did connect. We constantly exchanged letters like long-lost friends trying to fill in missing pages of our life, sharing experiences as if we’ve been a part of it. And of course, we include passages of prose and poetry in our content. Those little bits of writing made me understand her in a greater extent and it made her see through me as well. We poured our minds and hearts to what we write and I think it’s really important for both parties to be willing to talk in order to make it work.

There are also others I have met. Others who speak of stories I never would have imagined with interests that never crossed my mind. They speak of a world unfamiliar to me, but they gave me the key and showed me around. I loved how we encountered each other through our similarities yet connected with our differences.

I’ve always loved the idea of pen pals. The joy of receiving a letter, the thrill of sending it out, and the agony of waiting for a reply. It’s all replicated really well in this digital space. I’ve always wanted a pen pal but never knew how to start it off. I thought I would never be able to experience such a thing. And yet here I am, meeting so many people on this app, people who are so strong, courageous, and persevering. I cannot thank the developers enough for this wonderful space and community they created.

One day, I came across Slowly, and now I choose to stay. I hope you find a reason to stay as well.

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