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Without a doubt, Slowly is the most impactful app I have used in years. Let me start off by saying, that I’m a rather skeptical person when it comes to technology. Growing up, TV and movies have always been my friends. Other than that, I only had casual friends, that’s all.

A few years ago, I came across this amazing app, and I remember thinking that it has very cool potential. At the time, there were a few other apps that had similar ideas and let me say, I have tried them all. Nothing sat right with me except for Slowly.

I remember when I first installed it and created my account, it felt like being sucked into a whole other beautiful, magical world. You could just feel the amount of effort and polishing that was poured into Slowly.The amazing avatar creator, the fantastic customization and the simple yet attractive interface with the seamless profile. Everything just meshes well together.

I immediately started typing a letter for a new penpal, and I was so happy, for the first time, it felt like I’m talking about my life unfiltered, and I was brimming with excitement for the fact that I was talking to someone from another side of the WORLD! But in a letter style which made it more attractive to me, in a world where messages arrive milliseconds taking out the anticipation that a letter, a Slowly letter, has.

My first penpal was my age, and we had many mutual interests. We exchanged letters basically every day, and this went on and on for months, and this wasn’t just one penpal, it was many penpals that some of which I’m still in contact with to this day!

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as expected with one of my penpals, we decided to leave the app to establish a contact in another app, and it was good for a month and two, but then things got stale, and we stopped talking.

It was apparent that Slowly was the glue that was holding our penmanship together. Take out the magical feeling of exchanging letters every day or two, and then you end up with a rather uneventful type of messaging.

I quickly hurried back to Slowly, and I decided to never leave it again, no regrets!

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