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My Slowly story was actually an app I downloaded to improve my English.

I was excited to communicate with people from different countries. When I started using the application, I was constantly sending letters to people in England and America. This was because their native language was English. In my normal life, I am a very patient person. I was never tired of waiting for letters for hours and replying.

But one day I got a letter from a Slowly user living in Spain. He sent me a letter in English even though his native language was Spanish. When I read his letter, I realized that he had sent me a letter by examining my profile. And that was important to me.

Actually, my intention was to talk to a native English speaker, and I would normally not reply to his letter, but the letter he sent made me smile, and I felt that I should reply to his letter.

He wrote such words and sentences that he was able to make me smile from a far country.

It was an excellent feeling. I hope you get the chance to feel it too.

I think the most beautiful thing is that we were both eagerly awaiting the letters from each other. While I was replying to his letters, I thought that this correspondence would definitely end at some point. And we talked about many things.

Sometimes there are really funny conversations. After a long period of correspondence, we gave each other our phone numbers, and I can say that we’ve been talking 24/7 ever since. I don’t know how this story will end, but it has a very important place in me. We would like to thank the Slowly family for this.

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