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My students titled me "ambassador-professor of Slowly"

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I’ve been using Slowly since October 2018, when preparing a post-graduation course applying New Technologies to English Language Teaching, offered by Pernambuco State University – UPE in Brazil.

In the beginning it was just a high-tech-pen-friend-application to inspire teachers for using it with their students. Wow! This application proved to be much more than this. My students titled me “ambassador-professor of Slowly” and I am currently advising a post-graduation academic research evaluating its benefits in Brazilian English language schools.

I’ve made some good friends in Slowly (Tomas, Jackie, 宫敬沛, 玖伍, Caio, Henrique) and every letter brings a new learning lesson to my life. I think Slowly was the best gift I got from 2018 and it is a daily bless to me nowadays.

Thanks for mailing us with this great and unique app.
A tropical hug from Brazil. 🏖

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