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What’s New:

  • Open Letters: Share open letters with more people and boost your matching potential!
  • Writing Tools: Ignite creativity with a 4-step guide, offering abundant writing prompts and samples.
  • Anniversary Stamps: New achievement stamps to honour our long-term supporters.


  • Enhanced UI: Enjoy a clearer category grouping in your profile settings.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance: We’ve also addressed other bugs and made general improvements for a smoother experience.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Mitigation for Android devices text input hang
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a permissions issue that prevented Android 13 from reading photos
  • Mitigation for Samsung devices ( Android 13 with Grammarly keyboard ) text input hang

What’s New:

  • My Stamps: Added hide stamp and keyword search functions
  • Stamp Selection Bar: Redesigned UI with shortcut and search function, more consistent with the My Stamps interface design.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improves device camera compatibility for QR code scanning
  • Optimises performance on iOS 16 & Android 13
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s New:

  • Top up Plus bonus: 100 monthly free coins
  • Stamp Store revamp, including:
    • Current and coming Exclusive Stamps for your location
    • Coming Special Day Stamps with reminder function
    • New interface for Random Stamps with full listing and drop rate
    • Indicator for owned stamps
    • New product: Stamp Series
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s New:

  • Upgraded AdMob SDK to support the latest ad formats
  • Added Google’s User Messaging Platform (UMP) SDK to comply with the latest IAB standards (for EEA and UK users only)
  • Added on-device language detection for the first letter to prevent language mismatch
  • The default stamp for new users changed to one of their regional stamps (if available)
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s New:

Enhanced Profile – For finding your perfect pen pals!
You can now:

  • Add custom Subtopics
  • State your preferred Letter Length and Reply Time
  • Show your Favourite Stamps & Stamp Collection

Other Improvements:

  • Reduces app start-up time
  • Improves performance when reading letters
  • Improves cross-platform UI alignment
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


  • (7.1.9) Improved compatibility with iOS 15
  • Allows drag and drop to re-order My Stamps Bookmarks ( long press to start dragging )
  • Supports split screen and rotation on iPad / Tablets
  • Supports screen change on foldable devices
  • Optimizes performance on different screen sizes
  • Reduces memory usage on Stamp Collection
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s New:

  • My Paragraphs: Write anytime and insert into letters later
  • Shortcut Bar: Make it easy to get started with usage tips
  • Reply Reminder: Assist you to become a consistent pen pal
  • Word Counter: Count your words and make every word count!

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Improves font scaling in drafts
  • Addresses an issue when editing remarks
  • [ Android 9 ] Addresses an issue when scrolling in drafts
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


  • New Free Gifts
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


  • World Explorer: Get to know over a thousand world heritage and top destinations in Slowly
  • QR code scanner on home screen (top right corner). Quick shortcut to log into Slowly Web
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s New:

  • Show Weather & Local Time of your penpals ( Optional On/Off )
  • Attachment filters for Letter Search; searching letters with photos, audio notes or gifts

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Upgraded the Facebook SDK for better privacy control
  • Upgraded the Google Sign-in SDK
  • Fixes an issue when saving Auto-match’s preference
  • Fixes an issue when synchronizing drafts
  • Fixes an issue when recording audio notes
  • ( iOS 14 ) Addresses stability issues when selecting text in drafts
  • ( Android ) Addresses stability issues when using specific virtual keyboards
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s New:

  • Letter Search – Swiftly find your old letters by keywords
  • Save For Later – Shortcut to save profiles from Explore Manually

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • ( Android ) Optimizes for faster startup time
  • Allows unhiding hidden matches from Explore Manually
  • Divides Drafts screen into Friends and Matches
  • Improves user privacy controls for personalised ads
  • Fixes an issue when saving avatars
  • Fixes an issue when downloading photos
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s New:

  • Birthday Reminder – Never forget your pal’s birthday again!
  • 20+ New Achievements – Be the first to unlock them!
  • Featured Slowly Stories section
  • Re-designed UI of Achievements
  • New UI language: Filipino

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • ( Android ) Addresses stability issues when using specific virtual keyboards
  • Increases character limit for Decline’s reason
  • Allows sorting My Stamps by newly added
  • Fixes an issue when editing birthday
  • Fixes an issue when saving avatar
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Added option to hide PLUS badge
  • Added New Friend Suggestions
  • Added Social Share function for stamps and avatars
  • Improved audio note loading time
  • Fixed alert box colour to follow the selected mode
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes

New Features:

  • SLOWLY PLUS Membership with exclusive features and bonus gifts
  • Power Search ( PLUS only ): Filtering by city, exact topics, exact languages and new members
  • Double Quota ( PLUS only ): Double friend limit, excluded topics, excluded regions and photo sharing quota
  • High-res Photo Sharing ( PLUS only )
  • Dark Mode
  • Audio Note Sharing upon permission
  • Decline a Letter: Declined letters will not be counted in Sent:Received Ratio
  • ( iOS ) Sign in with Apple


  • Added new avatar Items
  • Added new Report a User categories
  • Added new interface languages: Swedish & Thai
  • Improved categorisation of stamps
  • Improved stability of the draft synchronisation
  • Improved performance of the text editor on specific mobile devices
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes


  • Added matching languages, including Cornish, Balochi & Inupiaq


  • Added matching languages, including BSL, Cantonese, Manchu, Navajo & Sorani


  • Display the distance unit based on device’s preference
  • Added matching languages, including Silesian ( Ślōnskŏ gŏdka ) & Ossetian ( Ирон ӕвзаг )


  • Improved performance for drafting function on specific mobile devices
  • Fixed display error for new drafts to unmatched users


  • Draft synchronisation across platform
  • Permanent deletion of removed users
  • Phone verification service provider changed to Google Firebase
  • New interface language: Catalan
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes


  • New interface language: Ukrainian and Serbian
  • New options of Emoji Status
  • Improved stability of push notifications


  • New Feature: Reply reminder
  • New Feature: Watch videos for free coins
  • Added categories to improve Stamp Store navigation
  • ( Android ) Reduced APK file size
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes


  • New Feature: Slowly Web Version
  • New interface language: Arabic
  • Better UI support for RTL languages
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes


  • Added interface languages: Vietnamese


  • Added interface languages, including Japanese & Sinhala


  • Added Emoji profile status
  • Added send-as-a-gift feature for products in Stamp Store
  • Support receiving OTP via WhatsApp when sign in with phone number (for those who cannot receive OTP via SMS)
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes


  • Added Manual / Pull to refresh across different screens
  • Added matching languages, including ASL, Ladino, Cherokee, Bashkir, Tsonga, Sardinian & Uyghur
  • Added interface languages, including Czech, Dutch, French, Hebrew & Indonesian
  • Improved sorting of Pen Friends list
  • Enhanced mechanism to crack down on spams
  • ( Android ) Fixed the photo uploading error on specific devices
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes


  • Use “Pin Letter” feature to read the letter while drafting
  • New interface languages, including Russian, Turkish, Hungarian & Polish interface
  • ( Android ) Allow installation on external storage, e.g. SD Card
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes


  • Released the all-new avatar customisation tool
  • Supporting more interface languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Brazilian-Portuguese, and Slovak interface*
  • Fixed the location updating error on specific devices
  • Fixed the photo uploading error on specific devices
  • Enhanced mechanism to crack down on spams
  • Other performance improvement and bug fixes*Special thanks to all the translation volunteers! (Credit list on the app and website)


  • Add friend by Slowly ID (Friends added by Slowly ID will not affect “Sent:Received Ratio”)
  • Select all countries / regions by continent
  • Stamp Store: Able to enlarge a stamp inside a stamp set
  • Notifications: Added “New Letter – Sending” option (Off by default)


  • Stamp Store Opening
  • New Languages Added: Ancient Greek, Assamese, Breton, Interlingua, Odia & West Circassian
  • New Topics Added: Astrology, Aviation, Collecting, Cosplay, Dancing, Fitness, Gardening, Shopping & Singing
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Non-binary gender option
  • Deleting letters from your own devices (can only delete letters from your own devices; deleting letters will not change the Sent:Received Ratio)
  • Bookmarking your frequently used stamps
  • Sharing your Stamp Collection via URL
  • Enhancement to the stamp selecting UI
  • Manually updating your zodiac sign in limited times
  • Option to show joined date in profile
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • Greatly reduced the chance of session lost due to connectivity issues.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • You can now preview your own profile.
  • UI enhancement, Performance tweaks, and bug fixes.
  • Landscape mode for Tablet ( You can change the orientation mode under Settings ).
  • ( Android ) Re-enabled the „Back button“ on the Editor screen.


  • Faster app launching time.
  • After hiding a user on the explore list, the screen will stay in the same position.
  • When writing a new letter will attach the last selected stamp by default.
  • Better support for RTL languages.
  • Fixed a bug while emailing a copy with Emoji/Kaomoji inside.
  • Fixed a bug when drafting the letter with over 50k characters.
  • ( Android ) Fixed a bug causing the app frozen on the splash screen.
  • Other UI enhancement, performance tweaks, and bug fixes.


  • Added Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and other RTL languages.
  • Sent: Received ratio now available on user’s profile.
  • Friend list sorting improvement on alphabetical & delivery time.
  • Avoid unexpected session timeout.
  • You can now check the profile when writing to a new friend.
  • Fixed a bug that causing auto-match & user explore list with duplicated results.
  • Friend list yellow dot reminder is back.
  • ( Android ) Editor font size is now aligned with the letter’s font size.
  • Other UI enhancement, performance tweaks, and bug fixes.


  • 10 new topics added.
  • Friends screen now have a better indication of „Sending out“ and „Receiving„.
  • Option to turn off „Confirm to send“ reminder.
  • Fixed a bug when calculating the total number of friends on the client side.
  • Word count requirement with a better indication when sending out the first letter.
  • Report user profile when browsing.
  • Improved accuracy on push notifications.
  • Text on user’s profile now able to copy by long press.
  • Interested Topics now limited to 30.
  • Performance tweaks and other minor bug fixes.
  • ( Android ) Fixed a bug causing timeout when renewing location on some models.
  • ( Android ) Fixed a bug of freezing or unable to sign in when some stored data corrupted.


  • You can now exclude up to 5 Topics.
  • Exploring users now combined into a single list and filters are memorized.
  • New filters: Last online within 24 hours; Users with ‚About Me‘ only.
  • More options for sorting pals: Alphabetical.
  • Auto-match will now wait for your confirmation before sending out.
  • Auto-match will try to match with users from different regions.
  • More options to display Birthday & Age.
  • Big improvement on auto-saving drafts.
  • Sending the first letter to a new user requires a longer message.
  • Applying the „Confirm to send“ alert to avoid pressing the „Send“ button by mistake.
  • Request photo-sharing permission“ will now wait for your confirmation before sending out.
  • Corrupted Stamp can be re-downloaded by a long press on „My Collection“ Screen.
  • Better error handling and data sync.
  • ( Android ) Back button disabled when composing.
  • ( iOS ) Landscape Mode for iPad.
  • ( iOS ) Fixed a few bugs caused the freezing screen when sending a letter.


  • Letter composer performance greatly improved.
  • Letters now available to copy to clipboard & Email a copy.
  • Fixed a bug that changing stamps require to tap twice.
  • Auto-match now with auto-save.
  • Improved the loading time when browsing manually.
  • (Android) Fixed a bug that when auto-complete a double-bytes Emoji lead to a crash.


  • Introducing the age filter.
  • Added an option to show your age publicly without showing your birthday.
  • Attached Images can be saved to Camera roll more easily.
  • UI enhancement for Tablet.
  • Drafts are now auto-saved.
  • iOS & Android version is now in sync.
  • ( iOS ) Swipe left to go back enabled.


  • SLOWLY for Android Public Beta released.


  • Fixed an issue where some users not able to receive push notifications.
  • UI Enhancement on iPad.
  • UI Enhancement on iPhone X with iOS 11.2+.


  • UI fine tune for iPhone X.
  • Fixed Birthday display issue for some timezone.


  • You can now set your Birth Date and control how to display it.
  • Allow copying a paragraph when reading a letter.
  • Explore users with Zodiac Sign filter.
  • Christmas Background with Hidden Stamps.
  • Fixed Dashboard & Google Maps Bugs.
  • Enhanced UI on iPhone X.
  • Minor Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancement.


  • Photo-Sharing Feature. ( Learn More )
  • Fixed friend list bug.
  • More accurate notifications.
  • Sign in with phone number now powered by AccountKit.
  • Performance tweaks & other bug fixes.


  • Add remarks to your friends.
  • Option to sign in with Phone Number ( Powered by Digits ).
  • Setup Password for Email sign in.
  • More topics.
  • Performance tweaks & other bug fixes.


  • Bug Fixes for iOS 9.x


  • You can now hide inactive friends.
  • Increased the maximum number of friends to 100.
  • Manual Explore now able to filter by Topics & Countries.
  • Tips and rule for writing the first letter to new friends.
  • Added „Accepting Auto-match“ option.
  • Added „Show Last Online“ option.
  • Able to exclude users from up to 5 countries.
  • More topics.
  • UI Enhancement & bug fix.


  • You can now check previous conversations without leaving the editor.
  • Friends / Letters now with better indications – Unread, Not replied yet, Replied.
  • Friend list now able to sort by Frequently Contacted.
  • Auto-match & Manual Explore now able to filter users by last online within 48 hours.
  • Auto-match now able to specify Proficiency.
  • Auto-match now only able to run every 24 hours.
  • You are now able to update your nickname and gender for one time after registration.
  • Release notes now available inside Settings Version.
  • More topics & more languages.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


  • Fine-tuned the editor experience.
  • Manual exploring now includes sorting by Farthest & Closest.
  • Auto-match & Manual exploring now able to exclude the same country.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.



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