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As a journalist, I love getting to know more about people and how they experience life. “Slowly”, however, allowed me to go beyond what I expected.

Through this app, I have met a survivor of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004; an LGBT person who was sent to a conversion therapy facility and now is fighting for equal rights in their country; a psychologist who works with elderly people and try to improve their cognitive behavior in order to make ageing an easier process for them. I came to know people that have restored my faith in humanity in these times of struggle.

Human interaction is the key to overcome prejudice; to get rid of stereotypes. By using “Slowly”, a person may be able to grow sympathy and empathy for those living so far away and facing challenges we would only come across if published in a newspaper. In fact, we can better understand something, a specific situation, a scenario, through exchanging letters with those actually living the news, than by reading them, as accurate as they may be.

I hope many more people will join the “Slowly” community and be welcoming to receive not just letters, but knowledge coming from all around the world. The experience is life-changing for those who take the time to connect with others in need of connection, including ourselves.

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