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little.ghost. | 🇦🇺 Australia
Slowly is my safe haven.

I’ll admit- I haven’t been using Slowly for the longest period of time. It’s been about a month and a half now, but I have no shred of doubt within me when it comes to already believing that Slowly is going to be my safe haven.

Over the years I have used many unique social media apps, and none of them can come anywhere close to comparing to the Slowly experience. I wont call the apps out, so I shall refer to them as app #1, app #2, app #3.

App #1 I used when I was fourteen to vent about my mental health issues. It has since shut down, but I deleted my account prior to then. Why? Because I was being harassed. On a mental health app.

Someone on app #1 made a fake account claiming to be me. They were spreading lies and hatred. People commented nasty things about me, and at worst… People blamed a fourteen year old girl who was struggling just as much as they were- trying her best… For their attempts to take their lives. It shattered me.

App #2 was an app to try and find new friends. I deleted it within 24 hours after someone was persistently trying to argue to me that “no”‌ doesn’t really mean “no”… No joke. They kept pressuring me to do things I didn’t want to, and that’s when I realised the generic small talk on app #2 was not going to make up for that experience.

App #3 I have had since I was twelve. It is an interesting concept, but a very poor design and it is flooded with disrespect. I have held onto it off and on again, because just like everyone else I am desperate to not feel so alone in this world. I was in the middle of something when I received a message on this app from someone who proceeded to call me names, which is why I am writing this right now. Enough is enough. Since I have downloaded Slowly, I have rarely used app #3.

Instant messaging apps are filled with people who don’t realise there is a real human on the other side. Filled with people doing what is easy, even if it is harmful. Slowly is different.

On another note, I am diagnosed with two disorders, autism spectrum, and borderline personality.

It seems myself and many other’s with autism detest small talk. I don’t entirely hate small talk within itself as I know it is to show some kindness and care- but it is entirely overused. I do not need someone messaging me “wyd” every three minutes… The sad truth is, that actually happens.

As for my borderline personality, it makes me experience life with very intense emotions. This makes the contrast between common instant messaging apps and Slowly clear and absolutely astounding to me.

I posted an introduction to the Slowly subreddit recently, and I was met with an overwhelmingly warm response. I already know these are my people 🙂

All in all? Slowly is a magnificent app. A brilliant concept, and a well thought out design.

If you want an escape from life, if you feel yourself growing frustrated with ordinary social media apps… Try taking things Slowly.

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