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I remember my special debut on SLOWLY. I was coming out of a particularly stressful year, and my anxiety had only increased with each passing month. It was hard to socialize in those circumstances: physical encounters paralyzed me, and exchanging messages made me feel sick.

The SLOWLY app seemed rather mysterious to me, and the first exchanges with people from all over the world were a little difficult. How do you talk about yourself when you’re nervous, even when you’re over six thousand kilometers away? What words to use so as not to upset the other person?

And yet, out of a need to create new, much healthier connections, I agreed to play by SLOWLY’s rules. This app helped me to overcome some aspects of my shyness that had previously plagued me. Today, even though I don’t use the app much (due to a lack of time), I still enjoy chatting with people: cooking, culture, video games, languages, and even how to make a bottle flip, it’s all there! It’s rare to see such freedom of expression, and that’s the charm of SLOWLY.

In June 2022, I exchanged letters with a young french man, my first SLOWLY friend in my own country, and we found we had things in common, but also differences, and above all a really high sensitivity. During the summer, I couldn’t wait to finish my work and open the letter he had sent me.

The letters and very spontaneous circumstances led us to meet in real life, while discovering wild places. The weekends I spent with him were a breath of fresh air, making it easier for me to move on, to let go of my own past. And I think he felt that way too.

On July 2, 2022, we declared our love for each other. Since then, my life was transformed.
I made it through my final year of studies with more courage than I would have expected from myself. I took a lot more distance from toxic relationships and was careful to cut all ties. I healed scars that we reopened, one by one, at our own pace. Slowly.

While we’ve used faster apps to communicate better, we still use SLOWLY to send each other letters. Distance can weaken couples, but I’d say it’s made us stronger. Receiving a letter from each other during difficult phases gives us a lot of emotion and motivation to move forward. As long as we move together and at our own pace, slowly, we’ll stay strong.

July 2, 2023 will mark one year of our life as a couple, one year of magical, sweet everyday moments, and one year that I’ve found the strength to fight again thanks to this wonderful man. And I owe it all to SLOWLY and the invaluable advice the app gives with its own name: go at your own pace, and don’t hesitate to speak up if you need to.

SLOWLY has enabled me to discover new travel destinations, mentalities different from my own, useful tips for friendly relationships, but above all it has brought me a lot of love and gentleness.

I’d like to thank SLOWLY and its developers for everything they’ve given us.
My love, I wish us a life full of happiness and courage to face trials together.
Happy one-year anniversary, and here’s to many years together.

I love you.

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