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12 July 2018 was the day that I joined Slowly— this big family. I sent my first letter, and I was so nervous and anxious about whether I will get any replies from others. The next day, I was so thrilled to have the first letter on the way from Sweden!! As I remembered, that girl is an energetic and friendly person. As time passed, I started to make more penpals from different countries, and even from my city!!! That started my journey of writing to different people!

On 12 May 2021, I received the first letter from a Canadian boy! We enjoy long letters, and it is becoming longer and longer each time, and we got to know more about each other’s interests! We didn’t even stop writing no matter how busy we are every day, and I am very grateful that he keeps on writing to me though he was busy preparing to achieve his goals.

He always shares quotes that cheer me up when I encounter difficulties, like “Pressure is a privilege.” Reading his letter makes my day, and I enjoy the excitement between the time that it takes to arrive. Some day, we might have a chance to meet!!! Still counting the days.

Before, I was a girl who didn’t have a lot of friends and was mostly an introvert. Nevertheless, after I joined Slowly, I have lots of fun that I hadn’t experienced before! Slowly is the best place for shy and talkative people for building friendships. Slowly also allows me to learn other foreign languages, like Dutch, Turkish, etc.

A little message to the introvert(s):
Yet, sometimes we may feel awkward and embarrass about face-to-face communication. Then why don’t you try to make friends on Slowly, which has provided a world for you to meet many new friends I believed you will enjoy talking to others. I can’t wait to talk to you! 🙂

Many thank you to the creators of Slowly! Last but not least, thank you, Arda, Theo, and Nathan for being my best friends and penpals in the world!

Warm regards
Tiffany 😉

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