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Elfwing | 🇺🇸 United States
When I first got the app, I wasn’t sure what to expect since I never done anything of the sort before.

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I’ve always been kind of skeptical with internet communication, but somehow the premise of the app made me want to give it a go. I had many feelings going on, but the recurring ones where those of nervousness and hopefulness at the same time, I would usually stare at my phone anxiously waiting for a notification that told me someone was writing back or that they saw the letter. As I started sending more and more letters, I stumbled among a profile that somehow interested me though it had a really short introduction. It was on my same country and the person was my same age, I of course the curiosity bug bit me and immediately sent a letter. Little did I know that the moment that when I sent that letter I would find someone who is exactly as me, like looking at my own reflection. Well not a literal reflection as in being physically identical, more as the same kind of spirit. After a little while, I got the notification that he had answered my letter! as we kept talking through letters, we found that we had was to many similarities, I mean TOO MANY, but we kept cool about it; since we thought that perhaps many other people were perhaps the same in that aspect. We shared a favorite food, movies, shows, games, etc. Then, it started getting ridiculous, I mean REAL ridiculous. In the moment that we realized that we have been living very similar lives with a disturbing similar background. We started to think that it must’ve been some sort of convoluted prank or that we were actually living in some type of Sims game in which we were put together by some cyber lord or perhaps we were our own “copy & paste” sort of thing. He and I also shared a quite long list of common interests, hobbies, experiences in life, love for music, art, books, wacky conversations and many other things!. Then… it hit me “so close, yet so far”; as we kept talking we realized we also had studied at the same place, went to the same places, perhaps we may have been at the same room at the same time, yet we never met before.  I was so shocked to see that someone who is so alike to me never found each other until we stumbled upon this app. It was mixed feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time, happiness because we found each other and sadness because it didn’t happen sooner. These days we find ourselves unable to stop talking, even if it is about the silliest or smallest thing that happened through out the day or have really complicated conversations about life in general, or simply make pun jokes all the time. Either way, this app made it happen, so I thank you for creating it and helping me find my friend.

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