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Ahsab | 🇧🇩 Bangladesh

Hello Slowly Community,

I have written so many letters through this platform that it would be unjustifiable if I didn’t write you one. So, consider this a letter for you – for the amazing app that you have created. Although I consider myself an open-minded person, I have always been skeptical about new apps on the market. But something about Slowly really drew my attention, especially this concept that I can write to people who aren’t from my country. I have always been fascinated by the written letters – there’s something magical and innocent about it. I do consider it as an artform that has been lost as time went by. Slowly, in a way, rejuvenated that artform and I can’t thank the creators enough for this initiative. That is why, I am attaching this picture which says “dhonnobaad”, that’s Bengali for “thank you”. Yes, I am grateful to you for blessing us old schoolers with this opportunity to reignite our passion for writing letters – something people had almost forgotten in this era.

I was always interested in learning about different cultures and the people associated with those cultures. With Slowly, I got to learn a lot from people from different countries – how they eat, how they greet people, how they do their job, and how they lead their day-to-day life. Nothing is off the limits with Slowly. There is a plethora of topics I can discuss here without people judging me. Talk about cultural relativism, renaissance, Marxism, Freud, pop culture, music, and even sex – there is no boundary in Slowly. The most fun part is you get opinions and perspectives from people around the world and sometimes, that can influence you and you may change the way you view a particular issue. That’s the beauty of communication, or more so the communication without any judgement. No shade to other social media platforms, but this is the only app where I can make friends with people I don’t know. In other places, people may call me a creep for trying to initiate a conversation but Slowly is different. Here, I can also open myself up about certain issues that I am too afraid to talk even with my real life friends. I started my journey here during the lockdown, and trust me, I was going through a very tough time when I first logged in to this app. My personal life was kinda messed up. I had my break up in the March and the lockdown in my country began in April. It has been difficult for me to cope up. In addition to that, relationship with my family also deteriorated. To cut it short, I was going through a bad phase. And trust me when I say, Slowly helped me to go through this phase, and I never felt I was alone. The biggest motivation from Slowly I got was, “we are in this together”. That really helped and I am not milking anything.

My love for music is immense and I have met people here who are as passionate as me when it comes to music. I have found friends with similar music taste. Never have I imagined I would find a friend who will like Neutral Milk Hotel or Bright Eyes. But I found them here and it is really fun sharing songs and playlists with them. Not just music, I am a huge movie lover, and here I have met people who are genuinely into good movies. I consider myself a nostalgic person whose mind is kind of stuck at 2003-2004 and there are people who can relate to me here. I am a hopeless romantic. Always wanted to know about Calcutta because it’s our neighbor and they speak Bengali as well. I wanted to know the similarities and differences, Slowly made it possible.

I don’t want to drag this anymore. I just wanna say I am grateful for this platform. It has been a blessing for me. I am looking forward to having more precious moments here. Long live, Slowly. Love live the art of letter writing. Long live, my non-judgmental friends.

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