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“You sound like my soulmate”, she wrote to me right at the beginning of the very first letter.

I want to write my story cause I want the world to know that, everything is possible. Life is a mystery and around every corner, there might wait for you a surprise that will completely shake the core foundation of the world and life you’re living in. Our letters began small and slow. Normal questions like I had with any other stranger before with just one small difference. She felt a bit different. I felt her struggle and felt her pain but at the same time the enormous force that she was. It was like writing letters with a huge lake trapped behind a dam. Like writing with an angel who lost her wings. Like writing with the sea that lost its waves. I felt like I have to help her like that’s my destiny, like some invisible hand, goddess of Fortune, or whatever you want to call sent me on her path. And so I did. I was there when she was sad, listened to her words that she wrote down when she felt hopeless and made her laugh when I felt like she needs it.

Our letters were getting longer and longer and soon they were long as the ocean is deep and full of hopes and dreams as the jungle is of birds and life. I started to look upon her as a very good friend and my heart always jumped a bit when I saw that her letter is coming. I always dropped everything I was doing just to read her letter no matter if I was high in the icy mountain or down below driving with my car, I had to stop and read and I was happy, I felt happy, as happy as I didn’t felt in a really really long time. So the letters were flying from me to her and from her to me as the leaves slowly fell down to the ground and the land was covered by gentle snow. Mountains got locked in icy grip but that didn’t stop them from flying from me to her and back. The letters went over the hills and under the bridges with the promise of a better life which comes for those who wait. As the snow slowly started to melt and the very first flowers stretched their hands and shook their heads so that the snow fell down from them, I started questioning myself. What is this that I’m feeling? Why is my heart beating so fast every time I think about her. How did it happen that I’m thinking about her every morning and every evening? How is that possible if I didn’t even see her picture? I swept this thought aside for a bit, but they were returning more and more. Is it possible? Is it possible to love somebody and not even know how she looks? But it was. My feelings were real. I felt for her soul, felt for her mind, felt for her writing and the way she saw the world.

Spring was already in full effect and days were getting longer and longer when I finally saw her picture for the first time and… I will write it as it was without putting any nice words in it… my head exploded. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life and I couldn’t believe it. She was gorgeous. At that point, we switched from SLOWLY to phone messages and from phone messages to video calls. And it wasn’t long till the day I said to her those three words. Those three magical words. The words that have the power to start and finish wars. Have the power to create and destroy. I said to her… “I love you”, and I received the same words back.

She hooped on a train and 16 hours of driving later I was waiting for her at the train station, my hands sweaty, sun shining down upon me, start of summer. I saw the train slowly coming towards me, traveling through 3 countries just to reach me. The train stopped and there she was. The air stopped moving and the bees stopped flying. The world faded away in black in white colors like in some sort of an old movie, only she was glowing in all colors of the known and unknown spectrum. She was the color in a world made out of black and white. We came closer to one another, a nervous greeting but soon after that kiss. Two lips touching each other in a promise of a better life made so long ago in a Slowly letter.

My life started changing after that point and now she is to become my wife. But all of that wouldn’t be possible without Slowly for which I will be forever grateful. “You sound like my soulmate,” she said at the beginning. Who knew back then that she really is my soulmate. Who knew back then that she really is… my true north.

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