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Claire Ml
Claire Ml | 🇫🇷 France

Hello Slowly!

I loved the concept of the app immediately after seeing it in the app store, and I installed it as soon as possible. My English wasn’t so good at this time, and the first effect of speaking with so many different people was to increase my speaking skills – I can say that I learned my English through letters.

I met many people here, from all around the world. Many of them disappear after we begin to write to each other – I’ve to say that I’m not the fastest answerer in the world, so I’ve my part of responsibility in this. I apologize for people who wait their letters during weeks – I swear I do my best to improve myself on this subject. I tried many ways of writing – from the short letter to the longest one. I even did a writing role play, it was fun to write, even if my partner didn’t answer me after a while. I met some good friends, and I continue to speak with them even if they deleted their account.

This month I sent for the first time a real letter to one of my best meeting here, my friend Aya from Egypt. It seems that my letter will take months to come to her. That’s the biggest advantage of Slowly: all you need to connect with people is an internet connection and some patience, and don’t need to feel paper for authorities, or have fear of the post office losing your letter.

I would never stop sending letters on it, I hope, and I would never stop feeling my heart beats a little faster when I discover I will get a new letter in some hours. I’ve to thanks people making this app to their incredible work!

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