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ClintR | 🇵🇭 Philippines

My name is ClintR and this is my story.

To be in constant frustration, isolated and too much of my dismay, I am all alone. Not a care from the world that I oh so wanted to have. But the world didn’t bat an eye for me.

I was a lonesome man, just spending all my days in total isolation. I used to laugh at the quote “No man is an island” since I always have friends and people to enjoy with, so it never meant anything to me. But there would come a time where all of it would change. It was about 8 years ago.

Not too fast but slowly it accumulated and changed. I’ve had depression at the time. I never noticed it, or should I say. I chose not to notice it and continued on my days. Until one time, it has gotten so bad. SO Bad I decided not to go outside… ever… again.

A few years have passed, I started to realize. The true meaning of “No man is an island” wherein a man cannot endure the loneliness that an island possesses. Forever wanting a presence and still afloat… as time… passes it by…

Recently I’ve discovered Slowly. And there it came. The recommendation on Google saved me. Or this app would have never shone the light upon me, which guided a path to a new purpose in life; To connect to people from different parts of the world I wrote. Every wondering ever searching for an answer I did. But here, beneath my future lies. Or has it just been waiting all this time?

I met Anis in the November of 2020. And sure enough, we clicked as soon as we met. The first letter I’d ever sent was the very first letter she had ever read. Coincidental? No, I do not believe in such a thing. But I believe it is fate that guided us here…

She is a Muslim and I am Roman Catholic. I do not believe in such an obstacle as I am ready to convert and marry her whenever she’s ready as I too, need to get ready. I never felt lonely, I have more friends now compared to 8 years ago, and I would happily meet with them in the near future.

I do have a train to catch. It’s ever going, and everlasting.
Time, just wouldn’t be enough for me. Yet I’d spend it all living.

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