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Slowly Friendships As A Lifetime Lesson

Beginning- I was always nervous about talking to people. Though I am confident in my writing skills, I always think I am not a fun person to talk to. At times I would even make a bet with myself that the person I am talking to would only last a day.

But through Slowly, I learned how it takes time for people to show their real selves. And even realized that I was the same! I learned more about the differences of the people around the world but also discovered the things we have in common.

That is why I am so glad that I met people I would feel the most comfortable talking with. What I like about Slowly is that it gives people the chance to dive into their minds deeply and actually say what is deep within. What they really wanted the person on the other side of the letter to know.

My regret- College is around the corner and the pressure is getting to me. No matter how much I enjoy writing letters to my friends, I had to stop. I felt like I had to focus every inch of my attention on my life. And so, I left Slowly on August. I can recall I wrote in my bio that I would be returning in December. I never did.

Value of friendships- More than a year later, I finally decided to return. I felt the need to talk to someone and spend time on my social life. At that moment, I wondered if I would be seeing my friends’ letters, which I never expected because the moment I left Slowly, I was thinking “Maybe our friendship does not really mean much to them”.

I opened Slowly and saw that nothing much changed. However, there is the familiar feeling from when I used it as my safe haven. But then I felt nervous. Why would I be, right?

That was when the names of my friends flashed through and saw that all of them sent me letters.

What breaks my heart more is when I read the messages and see, “Cannot wait for your reply!”, that was from my friend whom I always exchange songs with at the end of our letters as we agreed for fun on the beginning of being pen pals.

Another message says, “It’s December!”. I know. Someone waited for me.

I left a lot of friends and I regret it. A lot of realizations hit me. The letters are alternative to actual interactions but the feelings are real. I thought I would not be sad, but then, I can recall those times that these people I exchange letters with were there when I was afraid and not prepared of talking to people in person.

Slowly taught me the most important lesson of treasuring people in your life. Never take them for granted. Some of them are willing to be one of your “for lifers” if you had just made efforts on making them want to be one.

Now, I know, it is with me to reestablish the connections I failed to keep and to also make others feel the warmth this app made me feel.

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