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A great and beautiful day to you!

A 26 – year – old freelance creative based from Philippines. Often, occupied with workload and self – studying on anything that seems intriguing for me. However, I felt no value with what I learn if there are nobody whom I could share stories with.

Since the world went silent this year, bad news kept riling in on different social media platforms. People getting exhausted and drained out with their surroundings. Which leads me into question “What can I do to help out?”. Tried out some platforms, but the convenience of instant messaging was too draining and can be pretty worrisome for the other. Luckily, I found Slowly as I browsed through the internet.

On my first week of using it, I felt skeptical when I noticed the time it takes before the reply arrives. On the other hand, it felt exciting since you can be eagerly curious as to what they have to say. As this flow continued, I discovered that this is the type of convenience I needed. A place where I can socialize and use my time effectively on other things instead of constantly stressing myself up looking into my phone.

It is true that we have the option to take an easier route to communicate by simply exchanging our contacts on other platforms to use instant messaging. But quality takes time, so I would prefer to hear out a brutally honest person than sugarcoated conversations.

Indulge most of my time in projects actually. But I am interested to be as a temporary company when others are feeling down and wanted to rant out, I love hearing people out. I can’t be someone’s hero nor I would be able to reach out on everyone but I can at least help out as many as I can by simply listening. A human diary perhaps? I personally prefer socializing through calls, others would tend to avoid my ways of communicating which is of course, understandable due to various scams globally but thanks to Slowly, we can now have two options to socialize. Either we say everything we want through letters or by calling one another.

It is really fun knowing various stories around here so far. To forge deep and meaningful connections, some even deliberately ranted out things that seemed too personal and best be kept as a secret between us. Also learned some weird and entertaining hobbies and traditions that some people do from their daily lives. Exchanged numbers to some and they call in from time to time to rant out or to simply chat about various aspects in our lives. All in all, thanks to this style of platform, I was able to cheer up a few, learned weird and crazy stories across the globe, and had fun socializing while easily shifting back my focus on the workload.

I’ve decided to start saving up more money recently and planning to buy things in order to reach out more people. I’m truly grateful to discover and be part of such community called Slowly. Anyway, I’ll be hoping everyone is having a great day.

So, for the silent readers here, reach out and connect with the world!

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