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Steffen Em
Steffen Em | 🇩🇪 Germany

I choose to be kind – and I think we all should.

“I choose to be kind” – these were the first words i read from my amazing pen pal. And it shows how very few words can express truly a lot, if they are carefully curated. A long time i went through my life, thinking “Yeah, I think I’m nice”, but I never really thought about the act of being nice. I never actually chose to be nice. More likely I was going rather indifferent through my life. But these simple words of my pen pal, she probably has no clue until she reads this story, already changed my life a little bit for the better. With these words in my mind, I see me realizing those situations more and actually take my time to act deliberately.

And those were only the first words of her profile, what followed were probably hundreds of joyful or sentimental letters which brought so much color into my life. It’s amazing to think about all these little episodes and experiences we had together, even if they are shared by nothing more than letters.

So read this letter as a big thank you to the SLOWLY team, for taking us (introverts) through more than a year of quarantine and work from home and allowing us to have those really enjoyable and impactful relationships.

And even more a big thank you to the pen pals, who make this platform as great as it is.

In this case especially my pen pal S. who brings joy to my life, by completly destroying the recipes I shared with her, by replacing every single ingredient, making it look like it’s a prop of an horror movie, by merciless beating me in our games of Bulls and Cows (also known as Mastermind). And more than all of this, by just sharing her small stories with me.

I truly never thought seeing ‘arriving in 23 hours’ for a SLOWLY letter, could be such a great feeling.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

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