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"A letter a day keeps the bad mood away"

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In 2018, many problems came to my life harder than before. It came from my jobs, my own family, until the ultimate one, engagement-breaking with my fiancée. That’s sounds normal but I am not an ordinary man, since I have a serious medical record, a clinical depression. It’s been cured many years ago but it seemed to relapse. In this desperate moment I tried anything to save my mind, until I found Slowly on Google Play Store.

Since I’m a part of the 90’s generation which grew up in the time before the digital era, this app brings nostalgic feeling instantly. At the beginning I sent many letters to females from my country with the intention in getting a new serious relationship, driven by the common sense of post heart-break. I got many replies but there is one sincere reply.

She is 7 years-old younger than me, we started to connect through Slowly sharing our habits & thoughts ‘in almost 100%’ in common. Letters by letters, times by times, we motivated each other, we created fun things to write in our letters, even we sent snail mail each other, and my mind was happy once again. The depression menace is going away, I rearrange my life again, until I got a new exciting job and reside in Bali currently, the paradise island on earth.

We decided to be friends and no more than that. We plan to meet in real for the first time on December 2019 to watch our favorite movie together, Star Wars. The conclusion is we all need a sincere companion to face the bad and the good time in this life, in old ways because “old is gold”. Then, how could we do that without a good app? To find good friends, uplift a good mood, resulting a good day, and creating a good life.

Thank you for saving my life dek Jas & Slowly app.

Written by: Hendry T.S. (Hendry Wu)
Edited by: Jasmine F.A. (jasmine7997)

The picture is entitled “Magic Envelope (Carpet) Ride”. I drew this since she has the same name as the Princess in Aladdin tale. Sent along with the last New Year’s snail mail to her house.

Fun fact about her first name (Jasmine), is the same as my house’s regency cluster in Sidoarjo, Indonesia.

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