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Not only was going through a pandemic rough but having that also be a period where I grew out of my local friends took isolation to a whole other level. When the world was trying to return back to normal I noticed social skills were almost non-existent anymore. Everyone still seemed to operate in the same familiar circles we were told to stay in during lockdown. Making new friends, and having conversations seemed to not be a thing anymore. I found myself longing for social interaction. The ability to connect with people again. And while endlessly scrolling on social media I saw the advertisement for this app. What did I have to lose? Slowly was like reading a book, every letter was a journey, a new adventure and I was here for it.

Never did I think I would get the ability to connect with people who have similar (if not the same) interests and loves to write long letters and yet here was all of that in the App. I felt safe with the protocols in place for audio/video. I loved the emphasis on choosing a nickname and I mean who doesn’t enjoy creating an avatar?

I felt like I have traveled to South Korea, The UK, India, The US, Cuba, and Brazil through my letters from lovely penpals. I feel like I have walked the streets of Malta and hiked the finest hills in Norway from the photos that have been sent my way. And I felt like I have earned tour guides from France, Morocco, and Dubai if I ever seek to visit

I may have outgrown my local friends but I am ever so blessed for my Slowly penpals that have warmed my heart and stopped me from feeling alone.

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