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I’m a “Slowly Stories” lover. I love reading everyone’s experiences with this great app. And so, some stories have something in common, like exchanging letters with a person who suddenly disappears.

I am one of those people.

Not everyone who does that shares a story similar to mine, but I want to tell my story.

I found Slowly in May 2021, a few months after moving to another city.

I still don’t know the reason, but social media started to disgust me and so having instant conversations with my friends overwhelmed me too much.

I stopped writing to them, and as I expected, they didn’t reach out to me. I felt sad, free and alone.

I turned to Slowly, looking for a new experience and a good friend. That’s when I found my Angel, a lovely girl from Turkey.

Having no friends and not getting to live in my new environment due to quarantine and virtual classes, she was my only company and unconditional friend in my moment of depression.

We got to tell each other a lot of things, she would tell me about her travel experiences and her family, everything was very funny! She would send me pictures of her travels, and I would send her my drawings, which she would make fun of but end up using them as something precious.

People are unique, and as strange as it may seem, they come when they need to come. I am thankful that she was the person who received my letter because of the automatic matching.

Sadly, I stopped responding to her letters, without first saying goodbye with a promise to go back and show her an improved version of me, and perhaps continue to send letters or be left with a nice memory of pen pals who supported each other across the thousands of miles of distance.

In my case, it was insecurities, depression, family problems and a little lack of time that led me to be a person who stopped answering letters. Now I am better and all thanks to those people who gave me a nice friendship, a brief moment of their lives to read my problems.

If you have such a friend, please don’t stop sending them letters. They may be going through a bad time and feel they have no support from anyone. They can make a lost person’s day. (That’s what I like to call myself, considering myself such a person).

I am a lost person, and I hope to make someone else’s day like me.

“Slowly” has had a great impact on my life. I met my Angel and a few other people. They will all remain as a beautiful memory, one more proof that letters, letters, can save someone’s life.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of sending random letters, a letter with words of encouragement, a song to recommend and at the end, a little farewell; “Don’t answer this, I’m just a traveler hoping to brighten your day, a little light in passing.”

Who knows, maybe I’ll get to send you a letter, the letter of a lost person looking to brighten a moment of your life. And all through a letter. You can find your own Angel! People will arrive at the right time! It’s great!

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