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I have been on this app for around 3 years now. In the time that I have been here, I have met a lot of wonderful people who have taken up space in my little life. Some people have drifted away, while others have stayed. I do not quite recall how I came to discover this app, but I do remember seeing it on the Play Store and downloading it. It took me awhile to figure out how this works, and the first letter I got made me feel giddy, as I was so excited to read it.

I’ve always thought of myself as an old soul and wanted to experience what it was like to have a penpal, and this app was just right for me. A person who likes to read and write. Who’s also tired of the fast-paced life. I wanted a little diversion of some sort to take a break from everything, and that is probably one of the reasons I stayed this long. Also, I like collecting the stamps; they’re pretty cute.

I stayed for my love of writing, and so I wasn’t expecting to meet someone who would understand me as deeply as I wanted to be understood. This isn’t something romantic, I’ll tell you that. I met him last February when I was anxious about finding a job. He sent me a letter, a short one, to which I responded with a longer one. For various reasons, I always have a lot to say. I figured that he, too, was anxiously waiting for a reply from a company he applied to. We were able to relate to each other, and so we decided to exchange letters.

It was just a wonderful feeling to have something to look forward to weekly, as we only exchanged letters once a week. I liked to write long letters, and he does too. It was always like a challenge to see who got to write longer letters each week. He even jokingly mentioned how we could already publish a book with our letter exchanges. It was all just mundane talk. Like how our days go, work, and other random stuff, like the games I played on my laptop because I was bored and reached level 1400 in a month, or how he likes to take walks, tea, and his life. I also loved that he was very enthusiastic about my culture and all the little details about my letters. He’d make an effort to try them and look them up. He always makes sure to attach photos, too. When I was having a hard time adjusting to my new environment because I had to relocate due to work, he was there to encourage me. When I needed to rant, he’d read through my 5,000-word letter and reply to each paragraph. Every week I learned new things from him, as he was very open about teaching me his culture and their language. Unfortunately, he deactivated his account, and the last time I’ve heard from him was in August.

He isn’t here now, and even so, I wanted to thank him for everything. If he comes across this letter sometime, I hope he knows that I am so very grateful for everything. For becoming a ray of light when I was in my darkest. Also, sorry if I wasn’t able to become your strength and help you when you needed. I hope you’re happier and healthier now. You were a wonderful person and a great friend!

It’s amazing how we can establish connections with people and learn about a lot of things. Personally, I was able to open up a new perspective about life and social interactions with the experiences I’ve gained from exchanging letters and interacting with different people. I hope other slowly users can meet wonderful people from this app who can become their strenghts and will understand them as deeply as they want to be understood.

I wish you lots of luck and success!




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