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I already used Slowly about half year ago. Maybe for others ,Slowly just an app to make new friends and know new things .But for me its all are different. I think Slowly just like my ”teacher”. It makes me become more mature. It teaches me about wait patiently and practice how to write an ”essay”. Before using this app , honestly I don’t know how to write a long letter to another but now I can said I already can try do it. I still remember when I first used it is in a spring. In spring , the weather is very hot and I am sad about some of my pen pals don’t reply me .For now already past a few months, I am not the newbie and I know of course have some people will do it including me .In this half year , I have a good relationship with my pen pal and I know pen pals don’t need many, just need who is sincerely. We should kind to everyone and don’t cyberbully. Everyone come to this app is just want to find someone who can chat in this world. For whom is luckily maybe can find their lover person or soulmate.

So, I just try to say about own experience. If you now is feel disappointed, please just wait patiently for some who suitable for you 😉





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