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The starting point of love is human. But where is the human starting point? I don’t know! Therefore, human life is inherently miraculous and full of surprises. But above all, here, right here, a world that „Slowly“ has been creating is a world more magical than ever. Slowly told me many different stories and confessions from people all over the world. Slowly reminded me of the old days, when the mailman were always busy with their work and every home had their own mailbox. And yet, Slowly also helps me connect with people, people from different countries, people of wisdom and kindness. And, especially, Slowly also helps me get in touch with myself. Slowly helps me understand myself better, Slowly helps me connect my soul. And from Slowly, I realized that my life is more valuable than ever. It was bred from the happy tears of my parents, and it grew with the love of my parents. It is the brightest gem. And every human being, everyone is the brightest gem. We are, never inferior to each other.

So first of all, I’d like to thank Slowly! And Slowly founders, I think people are awesome!

I don’t have many friends because I just need good friends. In my current life, I only have one good friend. She is simple, listening, helping. She never lied to me. Compared to the past, I think now, I am a happy person. In the past, I used to have many friends. But then they left me one by one, betraying me, … They killed off beautiful memories of my years as a secondary-school student. Haizz, simple sayings, but I was in a deep breakdown. I don’t know if you’ve been like me. There were times when I was heartbroken, I cried but no one listened, I didn’t know who to talk to. And so, one day, I reached out to a stranger to confide in. I realized, when I talked to them, I was much happier. Maybe because I don’t know who they are, and maybe they don’t know who I am either, so we always respect each other in the text … But then, they and I are just strangers without the owner what to say more.

I knew Slowly app naturally. And then I tried use it. At first, I didn’t know how to use this app, but a kind person helped me, he gave me instructions on how to write letters, he detailed all the features that Slowly was running. A kind person! After that, I looked for some other foreign friends, and I can’t believe everyone here is so polite and kind. They are very kind, smart, talented and have very unique personalities, they are not afraid to share with me anything. Why?

I’ve never talked, I’ve never known Muslims. I only know Muslims through movies, and I think people will be scary, cruel. But not! I’ve changed my views since using this app. That makes me feel better. And not everyone is bad. The Muslims I mailed in this app, I really like them. They are very kind, affectionate people, they are very intelligent and talented. Their portraits were amazing, far different from what I had imagined before. And thanks to them, I learned many new things. They taught me many good lessons so that I can grow up and stand on my feet. They comfort me when I’m sad. Thanks all! I won’t forget everyone if I stop using the app one day …

Thank you Ali uncle, Pra, Hannibal 🥺

Everyone is much older than me, but the lessons and the love that everyone leaves behind for this little girl are really a great happiness. And thanks also to Marvin, my dear friend 🤣. Even though I don’t know where the Bahamas are, I’m sure it’s a great place. Because there, have you.

Thank you for the little friendships. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for sharing words. However, I still hope we are friends forever.

Thanks Slowly, thanks for the beautiful days we’ve been through. Let’s go to a „Happy Future“, my friends.

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