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Originally written in Chinese. Translated by Evangeline Kong.

First of all, thank you Slowly for providing a messaging platform that does not require response immediately.  This allows me to write my mood without being disturbed, and lets me have enough time to think about how to express my feeling on a particular issue for better sharing with others.  At the same time, I meet pen pals from different places and start to understand their worlds, which are different form mine.

I feel honored to meet my first and my most important pen pal through Slowly.  He is Mr 2yy from Taiwan, a man who keeps his age secret.

Mr. 2yy is a very gentle and kind man, and, although it is strange to say so, we have a lot of common languages surprisingly.  We maintain to write a letter to each other every day, 6 hours in between.  I receive a letter from him from Taiwan every morning, and send my reply to him from Beijing in the afternoon.  Even I only talk about trivial matters and mood of the day, which seems to have become a habit and an expectation.

It is difficult to keep a long-term pen pal relationship, that’s why I am very lucky.  Thank you Slowly, I wish Slowly could get better and better, and help more people to connect and build friendship.  At the same time, Mr. 2yy and I have also arranged to meet each other in the future!

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