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Originally written in Español. Translated by luluchii3.

My nickname is Rahama, I’m 16 years old, and despite my young age, it’d been 4 years since I didn’t expect anything from life.

After overcoming some dark moments of my life, like drugs and other suicide attempts, my desire for a future and life hopes almost completely vanished. I wasn’t expecting anything, and I didn’t have any plans of changing anything either. But while remembering the stories my German grandmother used to tell me, about how she almost married someone she met through sending letters, I decided to give it a try as well (sending letters I mean, not getting married 😛). I didn’t get the chance to do it in person, but I did find this great app. I started writing my bio and, even though it was quite depressing due to who I am, many people from different places began to send me letters which truly encouraged me. I became friends with someone I would have never imagined to befriend; one that evokes his ideas to me, who listens to me, and most importantly, one who shares with me his world perspective.

Although this can’t be compared to a psychologist or “getting my life together”, Slowly gave me hope, captured in a letter.
Thank you Slowly and all the people who make this possible.

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