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Shori | 🇵🇱 Poland
It all started with words 'Let's give the auto finder a try' - soon we're moving in together.

I always wanted to have pen pals but I never really knew how to start this journey. When I saw Slowly in recommended apps I downloaded it right away. It was in December of 2018, I created my account but I was too shy and anxious to write to anyone first. So I waited… I received a few letters, exchanged my thoughts and feelings with few people, but none of it felt like a real penpalship I’ve been looking for. And one day I got a letter from Him, Renz0, just a casual greeting, asking about my hobbies and things we have in common.  At that moment it was just a letter like any other, but I answered it since it felt like we really might have similar interests and passions.

After some time and many letters, we started to talk about our lives, plans for future, real feelings and fears. Me, 23 y.o. Pole, living my boring life and studying in Poland and Him, 25 y.o. Italian living and working in Greece. It struck me how well he understood all my emotions and how I could relate to every word he said about himself. I was lost at the time and it looked like he used to be in the same place too. I found his words to be my guide when I needed someone to take my hand and lead me.

We were writing to each other every day, with 5 hours delivery time. Many times I did all to not fall asleep waiting for a letter. We were talking about our everyday life, shared many happy, funny, silly, sad and peaceful moments. We slowly started to build a link between our worlds. We cared about each other more and more and this long-distance friendship started to evolve into soul matey thing.

One day he asked me if I would like to have a voice call. We already exchanged some photos but voice call was a one step further. I was terrified but at the same time thrilled! I agreed and the next day we called. The beginnings were tough for me, I was super insecure about my english speaking skills, but I opened up with some time. Two months into penpalship we started daily chatting on other platforms, calls evolved into video chats and both of us felt like we found someone special.

I started to feel like he became more than just a friend to me. I recently ended a long term relationship, he seemed pretty single too, so when he asked if I want to visit him in Greece I really wanted to give it a try. We kept telling ourselves to not set any expectations and at the same time, we both felt the need to see one another. I felt the need to find out if he was my soul mate.

In March of 2019, we met for the first time. My anxiety was screaming in my head ‘Run! You’re not enough!’. I’ve never been this stressed in my whole life.  It all went quiet when we saw each other. It was so obvious that there is way more than just a friendship between us. We spend a few days walking around the city, sightseeing, laying on a beach, talking all nights and just enjoying our time together. Last day of my visit we had a serious talk. ‘What now? Should we just go back to our lives? Should we work it all out somehow?’ I had so many questions in my head and so little answers. We both were scared but at the same time, we really felt like the thing between us is special. That is when our long-distance relationship started.

Since then we saw each other multiple times and our relationship grows stronger every day. We’re official for 3 months now. Maybe we still don’t know everything about each other, but we’re working on it. The distance, the language barrier, even my anxiety – I can beat it all when he’s by my side. And soon it’s going to be even easier since this relationship will no longer be long-distance. By the end of July, we’re moving in together in Greece and I hope the future holds way more for us.

If someone had told me one year ago my soul mate is an Italian boy I’ll meet on Slowly, we’ll exchange letters, then meet and fall in love, I would never believe. And here I am, madly in love with this boy, who gave the auto finder a try. And it all happened thanks to Slowly and your auto-match algorithm. To everyone behind Slowly app – Guys, you’re doing an amazing job! Words can’t describe how grateful I am. This app gives the possibility to meet wonderful people who think and feel alike. There must be hundreds of friends and couples who found each other thanks to you. And as you can see – the auto-match algorithm works pretty gooood!

Thank you Slowly ❤️

PS. I enclose a photo of us taken the last time we saw each other – hope it will show many other couples out there they can make the impossible possible!

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