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I always wanted to travel, and Slowly for me was a means of travel. Since I could not physically see the world, I thought why not see it through the eyes of others. My Slowly journey could have began earlier since I first tried the app but it would not accept any nickname I chose. No matter what I wrote it kept saying “this nickname has been taken.” So I gave up on trying, thinking that it was some sort of error. But after a few months, I decided to try the app again, although it did reject a lot of my nicknames it eventually accepted ‘fionariley86’.:-)

Like many other people I had to send numerous letters to get a reply. Some never read, some read but did not answer but eventually I made some good friendships. I found friends from India, The U.S.A, Vietnam, Turkey, Serbia and so many other beautiful places. More amazing than the places were the people. Through Slowly, I found the most awesome relationships!

I also love collecting stamps and currently I have 108 and counting. So nice to have these virtual stamps. Of course there were also the weird ones who did not really have good intentions, but not as many as the awesome ones who made my days. Sometimes I was writing three letters in a row to a single person and receiving three letters in a row. I did move to some instant messaging Apps with some friends, but the moment we did we lost a little of our long conversations. Although we are still keeping in touch and I can say it’s still pretty awesome!

My Slowly journey began on September, 2021, and I can say, that it has been a beautiful journey. I am always eager to receive letters from friends and write equally long letters back.

I have numerous favourite penpals. Two from the U.S.A, one from Serbia, Three from India, and one from Columbia. So many of my Slowly friends are worth the wait and totally interesting to talk to. And that’s what I love about the app, it gives out experiences like no other.

I continue to use the app and believe that I will use it for a long time. I nolonger do automatch as I am too slow to reply all the letters. I however tell all my friends that me writing back to them depends on them, no matter how late I am, I will always reply.

I received some beautiful pictures from India, courtesy of my all forever friend Aaru:-) even though we don’t talk anymore. And of course some from You Wills too, and Niks too, thank you for the amazing photos. Gadz, Ray, and Hugo thank you for your very rational, and logical minds. Rich, thanks for the wonderful advice and moral support. Yura, thank you for bringing me closer to Christ, always on my neck haha. Kirat, thank you for always putting a smile on my face,. And to all those whom I have not mentioned, I appreciate the time you took to write to me. I would also like to thank all those who declined for one reason or another, I learnt that I cannot always get what I want or vibe with everyone and that’s actually a good thing.

Thank you so much to the Slowly team for creating such a wonderful app! Honestly, it’s the best social app I have ever been in.

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