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Originally written in Spanish. Translated by Jayson.

SLOWLY, it definitely changed my life.
It may sound like too much, but it is.

I remember starting because I felt in a lonely place, and I never imagined that I would end up with such a good experience.

At SLOWLY, you meet a lot of wonderful, interesting, empathetic, sensitive, and talented people. I think it is an excellent place where I was able to find many people from all over the world who share a vision and a feeling like mine.

I never imagined that I would end up having such good friends who are on the other side of the world and even in my own country! And it was SLOWLY who connected us.

By exchanging letters, I discovered something more about people, the world, and above all, about myself. Writing about myself and about my day-to-day life made me change my perspective on many things.

I suffer and fight depression and anxiety every day, and slowly, I found an incredible support network when I felt more alone than ever, and little by little, they have given me the courage to be myself and love myself more. SLOWLY became a safe and warm space for me, where I left my heart and feelings in the letters and received those of other people in the same way.

I have made wonderful friendships with people, people who have become true friends, and we have even had contact outside of the application. I am truly infinitely grateful for all the words of support I have received.

Whenever I receive a letter from a new user, I give them a warm welcome and tell them how wonderful my experience on the application has been and that I hope yours is the same.

Of course some people leave, but I think they leave a mark on us. All the people I have said goodbye to or who have had to leave keep a special place in my heart.

I thank each of the friends I was able to make, that I have, and those who will come! And above all, thank you very much to the entire SLOWLY team for their work, effort, and creation of this wonderful space that I know has helped so many people, as well as me! Thank you for giving me memories, trust, love, and friendship. Thank you SLOWLY! ✨

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