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Originally written in Português do Brasil. Translated by charlotte.

I joined Slowly in mid-November 2018, at a suggestion from Google; little did I know how much I would be positively surprised here…

The initial idea was to practice English, and I even exchanged many letters in English, but a letter sent by the “auto-match” in English was answered in Portuguese, so we started to communicate in our “mother” language, at the time I was in the penultimate year of college and very busy with all the pressure of tests and papers to deliver, so I was using the app as a way to escape and taking the opportunity to meet new people… It was a pleasant surprise that “auto-match” found out that we live in the same state with a few good hours apart, we started exchanging letters every day and as time went by, we migrated to other social networks, we are friends until today, we talk practically every day and a beautiful friendship emerged.

Slowly also made me friends from other countries, my Asian friends gave me a vision of their country that I certainly wouldn’t have given a “google”… My friends from Egypt made me more willing to know the region where they live…

Until today I have had good encounters here.

Slowly, without you none of this would have happened 🙂

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