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I don’t have a dramatic or probably extraordinary story of life related to Slowly. Not that there is anything wrong with them, I always feel empathetic or even fascinated when reading others’ Slowly Stories about how a once stranger changed their life, how they found someone to open up to, how they found the support they lacked before. Actually, as I am listing these things, I am thinking that I will have to slightly change where my storytelling was initially going because all of them apply to me too.

My friend, my penpal, a part of my life for many months now. He recently said I am the best essay and letter writer, which now here sounds over-the-top but it fitted into the context and, in any case, was a very heart-warming and smile-causing thing to hear. And definitely inspirational as it led me to now writing these paragraphs in Word with the hope that I will actually finish this story (Update: I did!).

It is crazy how well people can get along. I would be casually brushing my teeth and suddenly be struck with a thought – imagine how many boxes should have been ticked in the universe or whoever’s plan for two people to find each other, get on the same page and just work well together. In the sort of imperfect but just right way when even if sometimes the vibe is a bit off or a slight miscommunication appears (can you ever escape these?), you know for a fact – and you deeply rely on it because it is so simple yet truthful – he is there for you and you are there for him. It is just this sense of confidence and serenity, highly valuable to me in a rather unstable phase of life, that washes anything else away and adds meaning to the rest.

I say this common phrase “Nothing is perfect” from time to time and my friend likes to argue with it. He always says he is sure something is. I respect it despite the fact that I don’t share this belief. Here is where our views on life differ. I love that they do. We get to have these long discussions about morality, happiness, love, life that sometimes lead us to a consensus but even when they don’t, they let us explore the uncertainty all these questions display and get deeper into what we ourselves believe. Sometimes these talks can only happen in a written form. In a letter format. In circumstances when it takes you hours to complete a letter and wait for more until your words reach the destination.

My friend has witnessed big changes in my life – some of my first times, my moving act, my many-year friendship break-ups – and I get to witness his changes too. Isn’t it amusing how close of a relationship you can develop just over words? Words hold such great power, especially if you put effort into them, as Slowly requires us to do. It is beautiful.

I come to think human relationships are incredibly complex. Humans are, in fact. I have unintentionally developed this theory of three essential for a good relationship Cs – conversation, communication and connection. We, humans, are able to not only start a conversation, but also form and maintain a connection through the act of communication over the Internet without the physical, without even seeing each other too often – and it is a unique (einzigartig, my German friend would probably say but since I started learning the language, I get to use it sometimes too) phenomenon Slowly is great for.

And on this note, I would like to end my essay and leave to continue creating the Cs with my friend. So, that is my Slowly Story. The story of calmness and growth.

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